GSO • Gallery Standouts

Es gibt so viele wunderschöne Scraps und daher bin ich ganz besonders stolz, wenn eines von mir als GALLERY STANDOUT, als herausragendes Layout, ausgewählt wird.


Blessed by Sylvia
Simplicity at it’s very best!! I am smitten with this adorable page. Sylvia has created such a gorgeous flow with all the elements placed to highlight the sweet photo. I especially love the placement of the arrow. This page brings happiness to the viewer.

blessed © sylvia • sro 2018 • faith, hope, love by dunia designs


First up by *sylvia* – Wonderland. Great photo treatment and blending make this a great layout. And then with just the addition of a few elements to highlight part of the photo – just stunning!!

wonderland © sylvia • sro 2017 • wonderland by on a whimsical adventure


Now last but never ever least, as a matter of fact an awesome page with a clean, amazingly gorgeous composition, brilliant extraction, marvelous quote and perfection all around with the font/title work, is Good Times by sylvia. This perfection of a page, I would frame and hang on my walls, pure awesome!!!!!!!

good times © sylvia • sro 2018 • be inspired n. 7 by dunia designs


And my final choice for today is Just Go by sylvia. Another gorgeous white space layout! That photo is just too cute and I love the way it is matted at an angle! Super fun use of that dotted circle and absolutely perfect placement of those tiny elements. I adore that little tucked suitcase! Lovely, lovely page!!

just go © sylvia • sro 2018 • travelogue by dunia designs


I thought I should have at least one Easter layout as a pick today and so here is Hippity Hoppity from “sylvia”. A “white-space” style layout that is just perfect from the circular frame around that oh-so-cute little girl and her toy rabbit, to the added embellishments which compliment the over-all Easter theme. Wonderful!!

hippity hoppity © sylvia • sro 2018 • a sweet eggscape by oawa


I adore this page, My Little Love, by sylvia. The photo captures a beautiful smile that is so contagious. Again, the simple design with the pop of layered pink frames draws the eye right to the focus of the page, the gorgeous smile. The title is supported by the tiny little bug on the opposite side. Also love how the design is set against the striped paper. A happy page!

my little love bug © sylvia • sro 2018 • little love bug by yen jurko


And WOW, *Sylvia*’s Jump is such a fantastic action page!!! Everything about this page is spot-on!!! I love the grungy feel of the page and the overlay on the photo is the perfect touch to not only add grunge but to enhance the sense of movement in the photo!!!

jump © sylvia • sro 2018 • blendits layered template 29 & born to sparkle by created by jill


Staying with the colder weather is this minimalistic page by sylvia appropriately entitled Snow. I adore the simplicity of this, the delicate elements, the gorgeous photo and, of course, all that white space – can’t you hear the silence of the snow fall in this page?! But don’t get me wrong though when I say simplicity… pages like this can be the most challenging because a lot of us find it super hard to go with the ‘less is more’ approach when we have so many goodies at our disposal! This page is such a treasure!

snow © sylvia • sro 2018 • january by dunia designs


Another smashing page with gorgeous white space is Magical by Sylvia. Here, I like that the rounded corners of the photo are reflected in the dashed border and how the border breaks to showcase the ’25’. Simple elements adorn the photo while the button and the star highlight the title of the page. Beautifully classic!

magical © sylvia • sro 2017 • dunia designs • 25 days


I was drawn to this first layout, be thankful by sylvia, because of the wonderful color palette in the photo.  The autumn gold sweater and overalls just say fall fun to me.  I also like the angle of the photo and the way she cropped it — it adds so much interest.  Her choice of accents are equally pleasing.  The three swirls are reminiscent of leaves blowing around them and the buttons are perfect to anchor her photo.  Finally, I love the top of the tag peaking from the lower left corner of the page and her be Thankful message.

be thankful © sylvia • sro 2017 • dunia designs & little lamm & co • gather


The minimalist approach in Forever Mine by Sylvia has such a visual impact. The castles, lace and ribbon give us romance, and the orange paint adds drama. Embellishment perfection!

forever mine © sylvia • sro 2017 • oawa • immortal love


We have had many October mornings that look exactly like this.  It’s a beautiful capture of a day in the season.  I like the background which seems to match the mood of the photo, and the minimal bits of soft blue elements.  The grungy page framing adds so much to the overall look, and the simple title says it all.

capturing october © sylvia • sro 2017 • created by jill • can you hear the rain


Pink is one of my favorite colors so Hunting Like a Girl jumped out at me. Sylvia’s shadowing, ultra-clean composition, and diagonal flow are captivating, too.

hunting like a girl © sylvia • sro 2017 • miss mis designs • outdoor girl


Summer Memories by sylvia caught my attention right away! This is what I call beautiful simplicity! That photo is so precious!! The dotted background paper and added paint are lovely. And that adorable little pink flower is the perfect touch!! The shadows are beautifully done as well! Such a sweet, sweet page!

summer memories © sylvia • sro 2017 • dunia designs • hello august


I love the white-washed wood background on this layout and how it allows the sweet little girl, especially her eyes, to pop from the photo.  This page reads that she is main focus of this moment and everything else is just there to accentuate how adorable she is.  The mixing of different medias, paint, wood, paper, adds texture and depth to the neutral field, while the small pops of yellow and orange add a little color and interest.
It’s a wonderful moment captured on a wonderful page.

in the moment © sylvia • sro 2017 • dunia designs • hello july


I admire artists who scrap with a minimalist style and still tell a complex story. Love the tilt to photo, drop shadows, woodland embellishing, and anchoring with the grass-like rickrack. Makes me feel as if I beginning a grand camping adventure!

camp life © sylvia • sro 2017 • dandelion dust designs • camp life


Me by sylvia really drew me in when I saw it.  The complex background she has created adds to the sense of drama of the photo.  This drama is  enhanced by the  use of the torn frame over a portion of the blended photo.  Love the subtle title and the single flower stapled to the corner of the photo.  This is just a totally stunning page!

me © sylvia • sro 2017 • ahimsical acrylic transitions media papares • paperclips alpha • frames vol 02 torn • on a whimsical adventure


This layout by Sylvia, isn’t about the blending. It’s about EVERYTHING. The wonderful use of the brush (which, technically *IS* blended into the background), the little paint spots placed just so, the tiny heart on the outside of the circle. The photo is beautiful and I can’t rave enough about her genius in stitching the inside of the bullseye! I am surely lifting that little gem of a trick! The simple word strip says it all. Sylvia is one of my favourite simple, white space scrappers and this one does not disappoint.

a perfect match © sylvia • sro 2017 • a perfect match collab • on a whimsical adventure • sugary fancy


Moving away from the holiday but staying with the season is my next pick, The Scent of Fall by Sylvia. 
The masked photo taken from behind is the perfect autumn shot.  The combination of hand-drawn and paper leaves cascading down the edge of the page moves the eye toward the title. The textured paper is the perfect backdrop and the bits of text and sketchy branches and birds support her theme. The half circle of patterned paper and buttons in the opposite corner complete the page.

the scent of fall © sylvia 2016 • sro • oawa • the scent of fall


The first layout that caught my eye was and then by *sylvia* .  It seems fitting to choose this one since the Summer Olympics are fast approaching. The extraction is outstanding and shadowed to perfection. The simple sketched circle frames the figure and only a few embellishments are needed to complete her design. I love the split papers and that she used both the stitches and word art to demarcate the change.

and then © sylvia • sro 2016 • created by jill • on this day


Next, my attention was drawn to the central design of Love Yourself by sylvia. The chevron backdrop works so well here and I like the simple layers under the frameless photo. The scatters leading up from the little camera embellishment, up and under the photo, interrupted by those two little flowers, and carrying on up to the top of the page, look like they’ve been punched from the little pieces of dotted paper and they make me think of the magic that our cameras help us create … and the magic here is the adorable photo and the way it’s been wonderfully scrapped!

love yourself © sylvia • sro 2016 • simple girl scraps • love yourself


I love textures, and this artist really used textures as an accent here with that waffle paper, grabbing my attention. The ripped photo and doodly bits are also really appealing against that yellow paint splash. Love the perspective on the photo and there are just enough accents on this one. I am a big fan of painting the corners, so I really like the extra floral doodle embellishment toward the bottom of this page.

your way © sylvia • sro 2016 • created by jill • the world waits for you